Cibecs is a complete solution for simple & secure business data protection.



Complete Endpoint Backup & Recovery

Backups are automated and secure, and invisible to your users. Data recovery is simple with the ability to recover one file or full data sets.


Secure Local Data Encryption

Cibecs gives IT administrators encryption & complete central data loss prevention control, preventing any unauthorized access to confidential data on lost or stolen devices.Encryption ensures that data is protected from unauthorized access.


Proactive Protection With Remote Wipe & Revoke Access

Remote Wipe gives IT the ability to delete the data on a lost or stolen machine. Revoke access allows IT the ability to revoke encryption keys and access to files.


Hands-off Data Theft Prevention

Data Theft Prevention technology, automatically revokes access to data if a device has not connected to the network within a certain period of time, preventing unauthorized access.


Find Lost or Stolen Device with Geo-locate

Using industry leading technology Cibecs Cloud’s Geo-locate allows IT to track the location of a device which gives you visibility of device movement and the ability to locate lost devices.


Complete legal compliance

Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) concerns are put to rest, Cibecs gives your enterprise total control over endpoint data, and provides IT with intuitive reporting, complete data audit trails and advanced data insights


Easy to implement & manage

Cibecs Cloud allows complete central management and monitoring, with extensive control over policies and all data protection functionality as well as simple dashboard reporting and flexible customisable reports.Multi-language support: English, Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese


Work Anywhere

Users can backup automatically from anywhere

Secure Cloud

Data is protected through secure encryption

Complete Protection

DLP features protect and secure data on the move

Clear Pricing

Rand based pricing, your bill does not fluctuate

Endpoint Backup & protection in 3 easy steps

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